EIR Traffic Chart Explains Big Box Effect

The Draft Environmental Impact Report the Planning Commission staff has put together for the Johnson Drive Economic Development Zone contains a detailed report on traffic patterns for the various scenarios they considered.

In the “Issues of Concern” section of the DEIR, the conclusion was:

“The analysis in this SEIR indicates that development facilitated by the EDZ would generate air emissions that would result in a net increase of criteria pollutants which would conflict with implementation of the applicable air quality plan, and increased traffic which would affect levels of service for freeway ramps at merge/diverge areas within I-680. These impacts would be significant and unavoidable, even after incorporation of mitigation measures. As a result, issues related to air quality and transportation and traffic impacts are potential areas of controversy.”

Further illustrating this point, the staff included a comparison chart about potential traffic flows, shown here.

EIR Traffic 1

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