Signature Collectors’ Code of Ethics

All signature collectors working with Pleasanton Citizens for Planned Grown, on behalf of the Johnson Drive EDZ Initiative, are required to sign a code of ethics governing their behavior. Please see the actual code here.

Among the terms of the agreement are the following:

“As an employee, independent consultant, sub-contractor, supervisor, coordinator or signature gatherer for Pleasanton Citizens for Planned Growth, I agree to certain standards of practice that I must maintain. I pledge to adhere to the following Code of Professional Ethics when employed or contracted by Pleasanton Citizens for Planned Growth (PCPG):

  • I will to the best of my ability clearly and honestly describe and explain the initiative. I have been contracted to obtain signatures for, using only the descriptions approved by the PCPG.
  • I will fully abide by all local, state and federal laws regarding the gathering of signatures for this initiative.
  • I will be honest and respectful in my relationship with voters.
  • I will treat my colleagues and clients with respect.
  • I will not indulge in any activity that will impede or prohibit a voter from fulfilling their Constitutional right to vote or petition their government.
  • I will use no appeal to voters that is based on racism, sexism, religious intolerance or any form of unlawful discrimination and will not tolerate those who use such practices. In turn, I will work for equal voting rights and privileges for all citizens.
  • I will not use tactics such as “bait and switch” which may entice a voter to sign a petition under a false assumption.
  • I will respect information given in confidence by Pleasanton Citizens for Planned Growth and not reveal confidential or privileged information obtained during our professional relationship.”

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