Pleasanton Council Continues Plans for Johnson Drive

CCT Cuff 4.13.16After hearing from a large crowd of over 250 people at the Joint City Council/Planning Commission meeting on the Johnson Drive Economic Development Zone (JDEDZ) held on April 12, the council decided to continue plans while awaiting results of the Big Box Initiative petition being circulated by the Citizens for Planned Growth.

A significant portion of the audience expressed major reservations with the plan to include a Costco store and gas station in the new JDEDZ. They cited concerns with increased traffic and pollution, based on information circulated in the city planning staff’s own Environmental Impact Report.

During the meeting, the staff presented new information detailing how traffic mitigation improvements–expected total more than $16 million–would be paid.

While Council member Karla Brown voiced her opposition to bringing Costco to Johnson drive, others were not so clear in their commitment, waiting to see how the public was going to respond to the petition drive.

One thing they seemed to agree on was looking at ways to bring the JDEDZ final plans to a general vote sometime next year.

See more in the article by Dennis Cuff appearing in the East Bay Times (Contra Costa Times) on Wednesday, April 13.


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  1. Matt K.

    Have met hundreds of folks who are against and petitioning against the Costco in particular. Not only increased traffic and pollution but the fate of many small businesses on the line as well.


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